The exculsive Snoozer Bed was first customized in 1995 for discerning hotel guests at fine hotel & spas in India like The Oberoi ITC, Hyatt, JW Marriott, Ananda In the Himalayas. We invite you to bring it home to the comfort of your bedroom & recreate the Five Star sleep experience night after night.

Bedding purchase is a confusing process as a Mattress is a ‘blind product’ & competing models may initially look & feel the same. Therefore the true test is “How long will the Bed continue to offer good comfort & support over the years?”

If you could let us know what you & your designer has in mind, we could customize the various options for your consideration. Thereafter you could order one of the Snoozer Bed Sets for your Rooms, appreciate the significantly higher level of comfort & support, be pleased with “less than I thought” prices and invest best night’s sleep, night after night.

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