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Luxurious Comfortable Sleep you Have Been Dreaming of Every Night

No more trying to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress. No waking up too tired to face the day. Discerning homeowners & fine hotels in India have been quietly choosing Snoozer for better sleep since 1995.

Our customised box spring beds & mattress have deep down coil springs which silently flex & adapt to body contours for luxurious comfort and the right orthopedic support preferred worldwide.

By offering only four kinds of high-quality luxury mattress, Snoozer takes away the headache of selecting the most suitable one for your home.

Your Snoozer Bed & Mattress are not just for sleeping. They are so comfortable that your bed becomes a place where you read, work, listen to music, watch TV, and relax.

Anytime of the day or night you can live in your Snoozer Bed.

Perhaps it’s time for you to experience better sleep for a third of life spent in bed.

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 India's oldest luxury box spring beds & mattress company


Ortho Firm

If you’re looking for the best orthopedic mattress in India, Snoozer Ortho Firm is for you.

The lumber region or the lower back is where the spine meets the pelvic bone. Conventional Ortho mattresses are very hard mattresses, which make the spine curve unnaturally creating pressure...


Posture Care

The only way to get a deep and restful night’s sleep is if your body is supported in its correct sleep posture. If you’ve been sleeping on an ordinary mattress, it’s time to switch to a mattress for a good posture.

The Snoozer Posture Care Mattress is the answer for correcting your...


Beauty Sleep

As the name suggests, this soft bed mattress is the perfect one to catch up on your beauty sleep after a long tiring day. Snoozer understands that you need luxurious comfort to help you go to sleep faster, and for deep undisturbed sleep throughout the night. With a luxury mattress...


Presidential Suite

The Snoozer Presidential Suite is the ultimate luxury mattress available in India. Rated as the most luxurious memory foam spring mattress, it delivers the most comfortable sleep for discerning buyers. With understated looks and a subtle design element, this mattress is the best...


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