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5 Tips to Sleep Better at Night

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  • August 23, 2018
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How to sleep well every night?

With changing lifestyle, people are nowadays asking this question more than ever! The reason being, not many people can afford the luxury of having a good sleep. Sometimes it looks like a farfetched dream when you are unable to sleep at night for days!  An average adult is expected to sleep for at least 7-8 hours in a day. If you are unable to get that, then it can start affecting your mental and physical health.

There are many factors that cause such sleep deprivation. From unwanted stress to increased work pressure, all of these acts as a hindrance and can take a serious toll on your life later on.

To avoid this, we have listed below 5 tips on how to sleep better at night so that you never have to compromise your sleep and wake up next day feeling refreshed as ever!

Exercise regularly

People who exercise daily have more chances of getting sound sleep at night. It is recommended especially for those people who suffer from Insomnia – a sleep disorder that has become very common these days.

Go for walk or do yoga that doesn’t require much effort to promote sleep and gradually turn it into a habit that sticks.

Get a Comfortable Mattress

We rarely associate good sleep with mattress. Although it contributes a lot in providing comfort during the night that you have always dreamt of! According to one of the studies, it was found that mattress reduced back pain by 57%, shoulder pain by 60%, back stiffness by 59% and improved sleep quality by 60%. If these figures are to be believed than mattress certainly is one of the best quick fixes for lack of sleep at night. Although keep in mind the various factors such as size, comfort, warranty, etc before buying online or from the market. The reason why a Snoozer mattress is the best choice for you! They are India’s oldest mattress company that has been providing luxurious comfortable sleep 1995. Visit any of the Snoozer stores near you to enhance the sleeping quality.

Declutter your Mind

Avoid unwanted stress, thoughts or feelings that can interfere with your sleep. Modern day life crisis are many! But don’t let them rule your mind at night when it’s time to sleep peacefully. Unwind yourself as much as you can without indulging in activities that disturb your sleep.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink

When people ask, How to sleep better naturally and longer”, eating and drinking right is the best way to go about it. Don’t indulge in heavy meals right before sleeping and neither go to bed hungry. See, what suits you the best. In terms of drinking, avoid coffee that contains caffeine and also, alcohol. They have a slow effect on your mind that disrupts sleep later in the night.

Check the lighting of the room

When you are about to sleep, make sure your room is dark for a sound sleep. Or else use dim lights to reduce nighttime light exposure. Another method is to stop watching TV or switch off lights 2 hours before heading for sleep.

By now it might be clear how you can improve sleep at night. So make sure to incorporate

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