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Guide to buying a Luxury Mattress in India

People are nowadays often caught up in a Catch-22 situation be it in professional or personal life, with no time to relax and rejuvenate. If ignored, this constant dilemma in the later stage can take a toll on you and lead to a physical/mental breakdown. So to cope up with it is the need of the hour, and what better way than to indulge in good night sleep.

No doubt, that sleep is the best way to unwind and get relief from unwanted pressure. All that it requires is a good mattress that will determine your sleep quality to a great extent. Accordingly, one needs to be very careful while purchasing a luxury mattress online or from the market. Here’s a short and simple guide to buying a luxury mattress in India.

Know the size

There is nothing more disheartening than to realize that the mattress you have bought doesn’t match your height. Whether too small or too big, a mattress should have enough space to help you move around easily. The size and dimensions are therefore important factors in choosing a luxury mattress.

Know the types

There are 4 most common types of Luxury Mattresses in India.

Foam Mattresses: As the name suggests, they are made up of foam and very reasonable. At present, luxury foam mattress is the most popular one in India.

Memory Foam Mattresses: These are the most recent innovation in mattresses and adjust according to the body weight as and when the person lies down or leaves.

Coir Mattresses: With its origination in India, Coir Mattresses are purely made of coconut husk and very durable. They are moisture resistant so best suited in places where there is a lot of humidity.

Spring Mattresses: Made up of small springs and coils, spring mattresses are another widely used mattress in India and have a bouncy feeling to it.

Know when to replace

Rather than going by the age of your mattress, check sleeping patterns from time-to-time. If the mattress is causing any sort of pain and leading to discomfort, it’s a good enough indication to replace the mattress immediately.


It’s very important to keep a tab on your budget and not compromising with health.  A cheap mattress can lead to unwanted back pain uncalled for! So, go for a mattress that provides utmost comfort and falls under the price range that you can afford to buy.

Check the warranty

This is a very important thing to be kept in mind while buying mattresses online. It is easier to return within the warranty period and get it replaced/repaired in case of any damage or wear out.


Know that your body will go through a change at every stage of your life. So, to assume that one mattress will last a lifetime is wrong. The best choice here is to buy from a trusted brand that will ensure quality as well as comfort, keeping in mind your body type and needs.

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