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How to Shop for a Mattress Online

Most of us remember the first time we experienced a truly luxurious sleep. Not the kind you had as a child, after a sumptuous home-cooked meal at your grand-parents’ home (although that kind of sleep was the ultimate!) We’re talking about the kind where you sink into an amazing mattress, feeling well-supported all over, with the just the right amount of bounce.

In that memory, are you in a posh hotel?

Many people we’ve asked this question to say ‘Yes’.

Now, what if we told you can now have that 5-star sleep at home? What’s more, you can even buy the mattress for it online. Too good to be true? Not any more.

Before you employ your best googling skills to research ‘how to buy a good mattress online’, we’ve done the work for you - here’s how you can find the right mattress for you:

Assess your sleeping needs

What kind of a sleeper are you? Soft and medium-soft mattresses work for those who sleep a lot to one side or shift positions through the night. If you stick to sleeping on your back all through the night, then a medium-firm mattress that bolsters your back would be ideal. For overweight users (more than 90 kilos) those with back issues or those who sleep on their front – a firm mattress, that’ll offer good resistance and support, is the answer. Think through your needs, and your family’s, to find the mattress that’s right for you.

Read mattress reviews

If visiting a retailer and testing what’s on offer is not an option, the buying a mattress online needn’t be a total shot in the dark. First, read up on the brands that appear most frequently on top in ratings articles. Visit their sites to get a sense of the variants they offer (do they have one that’s right for you?) Then, go to trusted shopping sites and read mattress reviews for the product/s on your shortlist (the more number of reviews, the better to get a true picture)

Invest wisely

A mattress is an item you spend over a third of your life resting upon, and the recommended lifespan of one if 7 to 10 years. Consider its cost broken down per night, across 10 - 15 years, and then take a call. Unlike most other household spends, the quality of mattress you buy online has a direct bearing on your wellbeing, so get the best one you can afford – your body will thank you for it.

Kick off the search for a good night’s sleep with these points in mind, and that 5-star mattress that’s just right for you, is only a few clicks away. Click here to explore Snoozer Beds & Mattresses for your home today! 

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