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How to Stop a Mattress from Squeaking?

A good night sleep is all that a person looks for at the end of the day. Although some factors can come in the way of rest and keep you awake all night. One of them is Mattress Squeaking.

A sound that is unpleasant, unwanted or loud is never liked by anyone. After a certain point, it becomes unbearable, especially during sleep. Whenever we move on the bed from one side to another, a squeak in the ear can break the sleep completely. Usually, people take it lightly which is not good at all. Even a minor sleep deprivation due to mattress squeaks can significantly affect your weight, mood, mental health.

Causes of Mattress Squeaks

  • Loose bolts or screws
  • Bad bed springs
  • Loose Joints
  • Not positioned properly
  • Frames are not oiled

How to stop a Mattress from Squeaking?

Are you putting up with the mattress squeaks far too long? You can try these different solutions, depending on the source of the noise to sleep better at night.

Tighten the loose bolts and screws

Sometimes the reason behind noise could be as simple as loose bolts or screws. Check them once and tighten all the nuts so that the bed frame stays together.

Check Positioning

The mattress can be a little off-centered on the bed frame. See that it is positioned well for an appropriate weight distribution and noise reduction.


Just like any other furniture in your house, your bed also needs an oiling to get rid of squeaking. You can use a few drops of vegetable oil to lubricate the joints or bed springs.

Rotate the mattress

This should be done after every 3 months. It is recommended even by mattress manufacturers so that they wear evenly. So, if you hear any squeaking, just turn it around.


This works on both, metal as well as wooden bed frames. Rub a candlestick or apply few coats of beeswax on connection points to prevent friction causing the sound.

Get a new mattress

This is the easiest and effective solution to a squeaky mattress. If your mattress has already crossed a shelf life of 7-8 years, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Memory foam mattresses are considered the best alternative here to a squeaky box spring mattress. They provide great support by conforming to your body shape and weight.

Now, let’s fix the squeaking issue with these solutions and make way for a sound sleep in the night.

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