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Snoozer Mattress in Chennai: The Ultimate Sleep Experience

A lot of things come to mind when one thinks of South India’s Gateway city, Chennai, like the rich culture, scrumptious South Indian food, stunning beaches and sacred temples. But sadly, what also comes to mind are the unending traffic jams and fast-paced busy city life, leaving the mind and body exhausted by the end of the day. It just gets tough to wind down and further, robs you of restful sleep in the night. So for the people of Chennai wanting to sleep and wake up better, Snoozer mattress is all you need.

As one of India’s best mattress brand, Snoozer offers utmost comfort and support to the body that will completely transform your sleeping experience. It meets all the requirements in terms of age, daily routine and health condition, thus, resulting in a sound sleep throughout the night.

Many mattress dealers in Chennai will give the same assurance but the mattress might have a short lifespan, unlike Snoozer Mattress that is guaranteed to easily last for 9 years! Further, the mattress comes at a price that will fit any budget.

It’s no surprise then that discerning homeowners have been choosing Snoozer for better sleep since 1995! Here are few of them sharing their experience of sleeping on a Snoozer mattress.

“My husband and I are extremely pleased with our purchase. We would recommend Snoozer to anyone looking for a new mattress. Great Product, Great Customer Service!” - Shreya

“At last, I have found Snoozer mattresses to be my most comfortable mattress. It’s thick enough for my height, firm enough to support my back without sinking too much but at the same time, it is soft. Relaxing on the bed feels natural – the natural fibres keep my body cool. I highly recommend this bed to everyone.” - A. Mukthar, White House India, Chennai

“It’s the most comfortable mattress I found; thanks to the outstanding attention to detail, materials and quality that snoozer brings to the table. From my personal experience, I can tell you that you can rely on their mattresses for good night sleep and wake up feeling fresh every morning!” - Sidak Singh

Types of Mattress offered by Snoozer

Ortho Firm Mattress

Relieve your back pain with Ortho Firm Mattress that provides firm support to your body contours & spine for a good night’s sleep.

Posture Care Mattress

Ensure good posture even while sleeping with Posture Care Mattress which instantly responds to your movements and reduces pressure points. Thus, helps in keeping the right posture all night long.

Beauty Sleep Mattress

Our soft, plush Beauty Sleep Mattress helps in getting the best beauty sleep that you need after a long tiring day at work.

Presidential Suite Mattress

Designed using coil spring, the ultra-plush Presidential suite mattress adapts to your body instantly, helping you get the right support.

So your search for the best mattress in Chennai finally ends here. Buy Snoozer mattress online today and have it delivered to your doorstep without stepping outside your home and at no extra shipping cost. For more details, contact us here or call us at 84270 10082.

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