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Snoozer Mattress in Mumbai: Sleep for those who love to Dream

With endless opportunities, diverse culture, unlimited exposure and a lot more, Mumbai is truly the ultimate ‘City of Dreams’ for not just Mumbaikars but for people across India. Be it actors, businessmen, directors, artists or musicians, everybody works diligently towards their dreams. Long hours, strict deadlines and early wake-up calls leave us drained - don't they? And that's when we start to lose the one thing that makes us stronger for a new day - experiencing truly comfortable sleep.

It’s time for the people of Mumbai to experience sound sleep and take on the next day feeling energized as ever with Snoozer mattress. Providing comfort and support at its best, Snoozer ensures uninterrupted sleep all night long. No tossing and turning, no partner disturbance, comfortable and clean comfort layers and the most luxurious finish that a mattress can ever have. Snoozer Mattresses are made of the highest quality of fabrics, coils and materials. We focus on exceptional quality to match your Mumbai lifestyle with a life of a minimum of 9 years!

Luxury Mattresses by Snoozer in Mumbai, India

  • Ortho Firm Mattress

    Get relief from back pain naturally with our Ortho Firm Mattress offering firm support to your body contours & spine throughout the night. It's the perfect choice for those who experience back pain or discomfort and need a mattress that gives proper orthopedic support.
  • Posture Care Mattress

    No better way to keep your posture aligned while sleeping with our Posture Care Mattress that reduces pressure points and gives the right balance. Not only is it the best mattress for maintaining the right posture but also an excellent choice for those looking for the right balance between a soft and firm mattress
  • Beauty Sleep Mattress

    Soft and luxurious, the Beauty Sleep Mattress helps you go to sleep faster and gives you deep undisturbed sleep throughout the night. Provides rejuvenation at it's finest - and that's why we call it the 'Beauty' Sleep. 
  • Presidential Suite Mattress

    Presidential Suite is the ultimate luxury & plush mattress. Rated as the most luxurious memory foam spring mattress, allows you to sink into blissful sleep with the highest level of comfort, providing a superior sleep experience.

Before taking the final call of buying a mattress online in Mumbai, there are certain factors to be kept in mind always.

  • The Weather! Yes, the Mumbai rains don't have a chance of ruining your Snoozer Mattress. With its comfort layers, quilted upholstery and firm sitting edges, a Snoozer Mattress is sturdy and remains unaffected by Mumbai's humid weather.
  • Size and dimensions - take into consideration the current sizes of your beds. Bonus? Snoozer Mattress provides customized mattresses! Whether it's a single, twin, queen or king - we've got your measurement requirements covered.
  • Warranty - Snoozer Mattress offers a 9-year warranty with a one-year manufacturer guarantee. Don't like the Snoozer mattress you purchased? Snoozer also has a friendly return policy.
  • Upholstery - Snoozer Mattresses are made of soft, luxurious cotton and are 100% quilted. 
  • Colours - just like our mattresses, Snoozer offers limited yet luxurious colours. Snoozer Mattresses are available in Creamy Cloud and Cool Grey. It's the kind of mattress that looks good without a bedsheet. Isn't that what we're all looking for? 

At Snoozer, we believe Mumbaikars deserve better sleep. With our journey starting in Mumbai, it's time for Snoozer to give back to the city the gift of better sleep. With a Snoozer at home, we ensure you experience sleep that charges you for another day to work towards your goals. Head over to buy your Snoozer Mattress in Mumbai or get on a call with us at 84270 10082 to speak to our representatives and select the most suitable mattress for you.

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