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How Snoozer Became the Best Mattress Brand in India

At some stage of our lives we build our own home or renovate it or move into a new property. Then the process begins of furnishing it, buying upholstery, beds, decor and other essentials. In this article we focus on how complex or easy the process of buying a mattress can be. The various mattress brands in India as well as the salesmen, with their complicated jargon tend to leave us confused and often we tend to pick up a mattress that doesn’t even suit our needs.

Years ago we were unaware of even such a thing as a mattress designed for a specific purpose. There would be a choice between foam or coir or plain old cotton. Our choices were limited. Then Snoozer, now the best mattress brand in India stepped in and took the market by storm. Their sole aim was to provide comfort and delight to a very essential and basic part of our lives - our sleep.  

How Snoozer Came into Being

In 1990 a young man after having spent years struggling to make a living, finally found his feet. On one of his trips abroad for a conference, at a resort, had the best sleep he had had in years. After some insight he realized it was the quality of the mattress which had afforded him that luxury. The mattress market in India, in those years was monopolized by a few big companies offering sub standard and outdated products.

Two years later, pursuing his dream, he manufactured the first mattress fitted with almost a thousand coil springs. In 1994 the now best mattress brand in India came into existence, manufacturing small batches of mattresses, designed and fitted with individual coil springs to provide the ultimate comfort and support. In 1996, the owner of the famed Oberoi group of hotels decided to test the mattress at one of his hotels.

The mattresses lasted over 10 years, proving the quality and credibility of the product. The rest, as they say, is history. Other mattress brands could not match up to Snoozer. Soon a majority of the top hotel chains in the country followed suit and Snoozer became the best brand for mattress in India.

In 2005 Simmons – the world’s best mattress manufacturer joined hands with Snoozer and then there was no looking back. Snoozer mattresses were calibrated with the best quality to provide the best sleeping experience. Unlike other mattress brands, Snoozer did not shy away from giving details about the product to its customers. Moreover their main intention was to provide the customers with the maximum benefit at an affordable price.  

Snoozer is committed to delivering quality mattresses which are durable and affordable. Even though the company was the first in the country to manufacture coil spring mattresses, they did not falter on their ethics and quality in their quest for expansion. Snoozer follows a policy of transparency and every piece of information on their products is made available to their valued customers.

Discerning homeowners & fine hotels in India have been quietly choosing Snoozer for better sleep since 1995. You too should experience better sleep on a Snoozer Bed & Mattress. Bring home a Snoozer mattress today!

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