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Why a Medium Firm Mattress is the Best Choice for you


Humans spend 1/3 of their life sleeping!

This tells you clearly how many hours an individual spends sleeping on the bed itself. And a mattress plays a major role here in providing good quality sleep for hours.

Although, if it’s not the right mattress then it can disturb your sleep as well. To be precise, it can do much more than just ruining your sleep! The reason why people nowadays are becoming more and more apprehensive about purchasing a trendy mattress and rather opting for a more firm sleeping surface. Sometimes it can be a difficult choice to make between a firm and soft mattress due its various pros and cons. However, getting a firm mattress is more advantageous as it facilitates better sleep and reduces health problems such as back pain to a great extent.

Benefits of Medium Firm Mattress

According to one study conducted on 313 patients suffering from lower back pain, those using medium-firm mattresses reported less pain when lying in bed as well as less pain-related disability compared to others mattresses.

Even doctors have started suggesting them due to its several benefits. These include:

Deep rest

As compared to a firm mattress, a soft mattress tends to sag leading to increased back pain. Where else firm mattresses don’t sag easily and provide overall support to the body, including the limb and neck for a good night sleep.

Equal distribution of weight

If there is less support then gradually your body will sag in one direction leading to pressure on one side of the body. In a medium-firm mattress, due to less sagging, the body weight is equally distributed.

Better sleep and comfort

We all know that better sleep is directly proportional to better health. If the sleep gets hampered, then a lot of health issues start cropping up which can make it difficult to perform daily activities. On the other hand, a firm mattress provides better support and allows you to sleep with ease.

Reduced Neck and Back Pain

Unlike soft mattresses, medium fair mattresses help in reducing back pain. It helps to avoid putting a strain on them by providing a more stable surface.

Improved Posture

Do you assess your sleeping posture? If not, then it’s time that you do. Otherwise, it can get tough to wake up next morning, with all kinds of unwanted body pains. Having said that, a firm mattress is the best mattress for good posture care that keeps the body aligned and gives your spine a better support.

Firmness levels in mattresses

Check out the levels of firmness that can help you to choose the best firm mattress for yourself.

  • Latex: These mattresses are made up of foam rubber material ideal for stomach sleepers and those with a higher BMI.
  • Innerspring Mattresses: The firmness depends on a lot of factors such as shape, surface and especially, coils – the amount of material in and around it.
  • Air Beds: This involves open compartments that are filled with air to increase or decrease firmness.

Considering the fact that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ medium firm mattress, it is important to keep in mind other factors as well as age, weight and sleeping position. Also, try to ‘sit-n-sleep’ before buying in order to get the feel of the firm mattress. So, are you thinking of buying one? Click here and discover Snoozer Beds & Mattresses for a happy and peaceful good night sleep!

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