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Why a Snoozer Mattress is the best Choice for You

There are so many things in life that we take for granted and sleep perhaps is one of them. Most of us would ask what is the big deal about something as mundane as sleep? We go to bed every night and we wake up the next morning. But that is where we are wrong. Sleep is an extremely important ingredient of our lives, and one that is responsible, to a large extent, for our good health and well being. Most of us take this for granted, just as we do the one piece of furnishing associated with it – a mattress.

Over a period of time we change the decor, furnishings, re-do our homes but rarely do we think about changing the mattress we have slept on for years. We just assume that because it is a comfortable mattress it is the right one for us. Sometimes health issues develop, aches and pains, arthritis, lumbar discomfort, but we rarely ever associate these with our mattresses. The life of a mattress depends on various factors like quality, how often you use it, durability etc. But a mattress that has been used for 5-7 years will no longer provide you with adequate comfort and support. Experts opine that every few years one must compare the mattress you are using with the newer models available in the market.

Here are a few aspects that one should look for in a mattress:


A mattress does not need to be hard as wood for it to be considered ideal. Assess what kind of a sleeper you are, whether one that sleeps on the side, back, stomach or a combination of all these. Select a store that has a wide collection of comfortable mattresses. Once you have narrowed down your search spend at least a few minutes lying on each of them to see which suits your needs best.


Certain materials are more durable as compared to others, when it comes to mattresses. The next thing to observe is the weave and the layers of padding which usually consist of foam. Softer foam is superior and tends to be more resilient to wear and tear. The outer layer of any luxury mattress will typically be made of a polyester or cotton blend. Ensure that this is consistent throughout and is unbroken.


The support level in any mattress depends on the coils and their placement. A comfortable mattress is meant to provide support to every part of the body. The best mattress, ideally, is one that has enough padding to support your back without compromising on the natural alignment of the spine. The shoulders and hips need proper support for you to sleep well.


A mattress should give you sufficient space to move around freely. For those sleeping with a partner a queen or king size mattress would be ideal, depending on the space you have in your room. Mattress sizes and dimensions are important aspects in choosing a suitable mattress. 


Check the warranty before purchasing any mattress. Most luxury mattress brands come with a warranty that will take care of your losses in case of any defects.    

In India there are several mattress brands providing quality comfort at reasonable prices but they may not cover all the aspects you may be looking for. While one brand could offer comfort and support, they could be compromising on durability. However there is one brand – Snoozer – that fulfils all your requirements without leaving you confused as to which mattress would suit your needs best.

When we talk of luxury mattress brands in India, there is no parallel to Snoozer mattress. Affordability, comfort, durability and support are what Snoozer offers in the 4 mattress varieties that it manufactures. Most brands these days leave the customer confused when it comes to selection because of the various types on display. Snoozer has simplified the process by offering only 4 kinds of high-quality luxury mattress. This simplifies the customer’s dilemma of which one suits his needs and home the best.

At Snoozer you will find the following mattresses:

Ortho Firm

This provides you with adequate support for your lumbar region and relieves pressure on the muscles. The thousands of coil springs embedded deep within this Snoozer Ortho Firm mattress allow for greater flexibility and ensure a good night’s sleep.  

Posture Care

The only way you can get the required rest at night is if you have a good night’s sleep and that is possible if the mattress you use is supporting the correct posture of your body. One of the best selling products of the brand, the Snoozer Posture Care mattress is suitable for all ages and gives you the right balance between a medium firm and a soft mattress.

Beauty Sleep

The name is self explanatory. After a tiring day at work, the Snoozer Beauty Sleep mattress offers you adequate rest and an opportunity to catch up on your beauty sleep. The sheer luxurious comfort of this mattress helps you doze off quicker and have an undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Presidential Suite

As the name suggests, this mattress from the house of Snoozer takes luxury to an all new level. With its understated looks and subtle designing, the Presidential Suite Mattress guarantees amazing pressure relief, even distribution of body weight and perfect support for your spinal alignment.

If you are not totally convinced yet then perhaps a visit to the nearest mattress store would leave you with no doubt. Take home a Snoozer mattress and be assured of saying goodbye to all those aches and pains, endless nights of tossing and turning and instead saying hello to comfortable, luxurious sleep and waking up fresh to welcome each morning.

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