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Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite Mattress

Sink into the lap of ultra plush luxury

The Presidential Suite Mattress is the most luxurious mattress offered by Snoozer. Made of HR and memory foam, this mattress offers superior comfort and luxurious softness. With it's independent silent coil spring action, it ensures absolutely no partner disturbance. A leading choice for five star hotels and luxury homes, this mattress is available in thicknesses of 10", 12" and 14" and in colors cloud cream and cool grey.

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1 Year Manufacturer Guarantee + 9 Years warranty

10", 12" and 14"

Extra Plush Mattress

Supremely Luxurious

Memory Foam


Why Choose the
Presidential Suite Mattress?

The Snoozer Presidential Suite is the ultimate luxury mattress available in India. Rated as the most luxurious memory foam spring mattress, it delivers the most comfortable sleep for discerning buyers. With understated looks and a subtle design element, this mattress is the best option for your home if you’re looking for a luxury mattress that offers a superior sleeping experience.

Conventional luxury mattresses are too soft to give you an adequate support. This makes your body end up in a hammock position, causing your shoulders and hips to pinch in, curving your spine. This unnatural spine curvature puts pressure on your lower back, leaving you with a mattress that fails to prevent lower back pains.

Highly resilient comfort layers in this high-end mattress offers phenomenal pressure relief and ensures even body weight distribution without any stress points. This ultra-plush mattress is created with advanced coil spring support which deep down flexes silently and adapts to your body helping you give the right support, preferred worldwide.

Ultra Plush Mattress
The Presidential Suite Mattress is a luxuriously plush and soft mattress. Made of memory foam, it invites you to sink in it's luxury and comfort.

Made for the Master Bedroom 
The Presidential Suite is most suited for the master bedroom and for the guest bedroom of your homes to ensure your guests have a luxurious comfortable stay at your home.

"We chose Snoozer mattress since 2002 as they are the most comfortable and last the longest. They provide comfort and support for a really good night’s sleep.I highly recommend Snoozer."

- Priya Paul, Chairperson, Park Hotel

Luxury Hotel's Choice
Ultra luxurious & thick,
a leading choice for luxury hotels

Extra Bouncy
A mattress so soft,
it gives you an extra bounce of comfort

Guest Room Bed
Ensure supreme comfort
to guests that visit your home

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